Having an office space for your business might seem like a trivial issue in the grand scheme of things; you just need chairs and tables for employees to sit and do work, right? Wrong. Choosing the right office location and layout is very crucial to the success of your business.

You have to find out exactly what your business needs in terms of space, accessibility, number of employees, workplace culture, and many other factors necessary to create a motivating and conducive work environment. Below are six tips on how you can create the best workspace for your business.

Get the Right Location

Your office building location is very important for all stakeholders in your business. You should make sure it’s close to public amenities like bus stops and public parking, so people in your organization can easily reach it.

An office that is too far from the city or public transportation can alienate potential employees, and your current staff would likely leave within 6-12 months because of the distance. Before settling in, don’t forget to check if the location is safe and there is security around in case employees need to leave the office late.

Get the Right Office Space

After you are certain of your office location, check out several office buildings in the area before leasing or buying space. Firstly, it should allow you to sign a long-term lease contract, as moving offices can be tedious and time-consuming. The office should also be spacious enough to allow for expansion in the future.

Before closing a deal for your office space, consider the price. Whether your business is doing well or going through a rough patch, the rental fees and utility bills stay constant, so make sure they will not be difficult to cover during the times you have low sales and revenue.

Your office space must have easily accessible bathrooms and a storage room for all your extra furniture and office supplies. Moreover, look for offices that have a space you can turn into a break room where employees can relax after a tension-filled day. You could include magazines and add a mini library as well.

Studies show that a conducive work environment can actually help reduce absenteeism, increase your staff’s productivity by 16 percent, and improves job satisfaction by 24 percent. Set up the best workspace for your company to have productive and happy employees.

Furnish Smart

Your office setup can greatly influence your company culture. When choosing a layout, keep in mind the type of business you do; for example, an advertising agency will have a more casual and creative feel while a finance management agency may have a more modern and minimalistic design.

Decide on a design concept you want to follow, but generally keep it between a traditional office and a modern-casual one. Open layout offices have gained popularity because they give a relaxed vibe, but you may still want to keep a few closed areas for confidential meetings or work that needs silence.

Purchase quality, affordable furniture that will be comfortable for your staff and would last long. It does not necessarily have to be new, as you can find great quality furniture in secondhand shops for a fraction of what a new furniture would cost.

Figure out Office Equipment and Supplies

Document all the office equipment necessary for your business. Depending on how mobile your employees are, you might buy either laptops or desktops for daily use. You will also need a centralized printing system which all computers will be connected to it.

Next, you will need office supplies like pens, sticky notes and notebooks. It is always best to buy this in bulk, which will help save money. You could also combine orders with other small business owners in your area to get even more discounts for bigger orders.

Get Excellent Internet Connection

Today, it’s almost impossible to run a business without the internet, and slow internet connection has no room in a business that wants to prosper. When choosing a location for your office, visit your prospective place and ask about the best internet connection in the area. Another option is to check your preferred service provider and find out if they have coverage in the location that you like.

Create a Customer Reception Area

If you are likely to have customers come into your office, create a reception area where they will be received before they go to your meeting room. A reception area makes your business look more organized and professional, and that is the impression you want to give to your clients.


Setting up an office space for your business is a crucial decision that you should carefully think about. Aim to create an encouraging and conducive office environment that inspires a positive atmosphere among employees. Opt for an office that is safe, accessible and would represent your company well.